Behaviour Policy


Our main aim is to please Allah (swt) and abide by the law of the land. This is the focus of our work at the School. We must feel that we are accountable for all that we teach, and so therefore everything should be done to the best of our ability.

Our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour, showing children that good behaviour is valued. The commonest reward is praise, informal and formal, to groups and individuals, in classrooms, assemblies, playgrounds and in corridors.

Behaviour in the Classroom

Good behaviour is an essential part of effective teaching and learning. At the School we believe that everybody has the right to work in an environment that is safe, friendly, peaceful and fair. Good behaviour must be carefully developed and supported. High self-esteem promotes good behaviour along with effective learning and positive relationships. It is important to reward success and potential and give praise for effort and achievement, rather than focusing on shortcomings and failure. Encouraging and developing responsibility for own behaviour is also an important part of effective teaching and learning.


  • To work consistently and fairly in the positive management of behaviour
  • To help our children develop into caring and thoughtful people who respect and value the feelings, opinions, beliefs, property and differences of others, through the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • To develop the students self discipline.
  • To encourage the students to co-operate with each other and adults in the school.
  • To create a positive and stimulating learning environment, having high expectations of children’s work and behaviour.
  • To work alongside parents to encourage our children to develop socially, personally, academically, morally and spiritually in preparation for a positive role in society.
  • Rewards such as:-
    • stickers and sticker charts
    • Captain badges
    • Good news notes
    • Certificates
    • Prizes
    • Positive comments in books or on work
    • Informing parents
    • Recognition of good work in end of year assemblies, school reports, and parties, i.e. Eid parties
    • Giving children responsibilities


When a child forgets a classroom or whole school rule, or breaks it on purpose, sanctions will be used fairly and consistently. It is important to continue to reward and encourage a child for their good behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour is recorded in categorised books, the organisers have a book. Staff then deal with issues as needed. The school will keep clear and detailed written records of concerns about children, noting the date, event and action taken. The School will ensure all records are kept in a secure location.

Children who are repeatedly being recorded for unacceptable behaviour will be discussed with the management team.


In rare cases it may be necessary to exclude a child. For example, if the child is a danger to themselves or others and they cause damage or harm.

Physical Restraint

Physical restraint should be avoided where possible and should only occur when the child is a severe danger to themselves or others. Where possible other children/adults or breakable objects should be moved away from the child.